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Why So Many Senior Living Residents Wish They Moved Sooner

Experience is one of life’s greatest teachers. As you weigh your senior living options, gathering insights from those who have gone through a similar experience can help you determine if it’s right for you. Here, we share insights from seniors who have embraced community living—and share why they wish they had done it sooner.  

Everything You Need Is Readily Available

Imagine a life where you feel safe, secure, and relaxed. Many who move to a senior community are delighted to find that their new home has services and amenities designed to support a maintenance-free lifestyle. This may include: 

  • On-call maintenance. Rain or shine, senior communities offer a team of readily available professionals to assist you with emergency and routine maintenance needs. 
  • Routine housekeeping, flat linen, and landscaping services. Lighten your workload and enjoy a pristine home.
  • Concierge assistance. Use concierge services to easily coordinate your schedule.
  • Chef-prepared meals. Luxury senior communities offer various on-site dining venues to satisfy your every craving

With all of these services and amenities at your fingertips, you won’t have to worry about managing these things yourself. Plus, many services and amenities are covered with your monthly living fee, enabling you to consolidate out-of-pocket expenses. 

It’s Easy to Make Friends 

Many people fear the idea of “starting from scratch” when it comes to making friends. However, senior communities are designed to help you find your people. 

A team of dedicated professionals is available to help you transition smoothly into community life so that you never miss a beat. You are also surrounded by residents in a similar life stage. In addition, community activities and events promote a welcoming atmosphere and many opportunities for connection. All of these things help create an inviting, inclusive community culture

“We were looking for a place that would support our lifestyle and one that would take care of [our health in our older years]. We are like a family. We’re able to get acquainted with people and participate at the level we want to and make a difference.” — Kathryn and Lowell Bryan, Residents of The Stayton 

You Get Total Peace of Mind

Life Care communities, also known as continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), provide residents with additional levels of care at a predictable rate. At The Stayton, for example, we offer assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and memory care. If you need to move from independent living to another level of care, you won’t have to leave our community—and your costs will remain predictable.

Many residents appreciate the peace of mind that Life Care communities provide for both themselves and their loved ones. You can enjoy the comfort of knowing that your living situation, personal care, and finances are accounted for no matter what the future may bring.

Your Health and Well-Being Are a Priority

Senior communities empower and encourage residents to continue living their lives on their terms, placing health and well-being at the forefront. Time-saving perks like housekeeping and on-site dining venues give you back more time to put yourself first, too.  

In a senior community, living well is easy and convenient. Plus, easily accessible, health-focused services and amenities make it easy to stay active and engaged. You can get your daily dose of endorphins in an instructor-led exercise class, workout with a friend at the on-site fitness center, join a walking club, or take your dog to the on-site dog park.

Find Your Community at The Stayton

You don’t want to pick just any community to live in. Choosing the right community is key. Residents at The Stayton have found a sense of connection, fulfillment, and enrichment living here—but don’t just take our word for it. Listen to their testimonials or contact us today to see what living at The Stayton could be like for you.

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