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Is a Senior Community a “Nursing Home”? Common Myths Debunked

What comes to mind when you think of a nursing home? Many people use it as a blanket term for senior living communities, but today’s modern senior living options are very different from these outdated notions. You get much more than a helping hand at a senior living community. Many communities offer resort-style amenities and services that free up your time, giving you the opportunity to make new connections and indulge your passions in a setting that’s designed specifically around your needs and desires. 

Here, we explore some of the common terms used in the senior living space, and address some of the biggest misconceptions about community life.   

Senior Living is not Assisted Living, but May Include Access to Supportive Care   

Most  senior living communities offer independent living options. These options are perfect for vibrant, active adults. In addition, for those who need a little more support, there are higher levels of care such as assisted living or skilled nursing care. 

Assisted living is a type of community that’s designed to provide residents with some extra help with daily tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, dressing, medication management and more. 

One common misconception is that those who live in assisted living sacrifice their privacy in order to do so. However, many assisted living communities offer private residences, giving each individual their own space. Another assisted living myth is that you lose all independence when you move in. On the contrary, residents are encouraged to live as independently as they can – and because they’re getting the care they need, they’re able to do so in a safer manner. 

What Are the Benefits of Assisted Living?

Assisted living offers many benefits to older adults. These communities have specific security measures and unique services in place that are focused on the safety and well-being of all residents. Those who live in assisted living can benefit from a safe long-term living environment compared to other options, such as living with a loved one or alone. This is because these communities have an around-the-clock team to give residents the assistance they need when they need it. If you are a caregiver or relative of someone who could benefit from assisted living, you can rest assured your loved one will have a care team there to support them.

In addition to safety and support, assisted living residents can benefit from the many perks that come with living in a senior community such as exciting amenities, engaging events and opportunities to build lasting relationships. This level of care empowers seniors to stay healthy while maintaining their independence, which can contribute to a high quality of life

Many assisted living communities also offer additional levels of care, like skilled nursing and memory care, which have additional services tailored to specific medical needs.

Senior Living Communities May Also Offer Skilled Nursing Care

Both skilled nursing and assisted living offer help with daily tasks. So, what’s the difference? Those that live in assisted living don’t require the high level of care that a skilled nursing community provides. Skilled nursing can be short- or long-term, and is a good fit for those who need a significant level of medical care. Skilled nursing may be ideal for you or your loved one if you: 

  • Have chronic health conditions
  • Have limited mobility
  • Are recovering from surgery, injury or a major health event, such as a stroke
  • Need professional help managing your health with things like physical therapy, wound care and more

What Are the Benefits of Skilled Nursing Care?

Many health issues can be life-threatening if left unchecked. Others can severely diminish your quality of life. This is where skilled nursing can help. 

Skilled nursing provides residents with 24/7 medical assistance from licensed professionals. The care team at a skilled nursing community can help with a number of therapies and administrations.  

In addition to providing valuable healthcare services, skilled nursing communities also have events, amenities and activities that help older adults stay engaged and find a sense of community.

Explore Care Options at The Stayton

With many communities to choose from and the emotions that come with making that choice, determining whether assisted living or skilled nursing is best can be challenging.

If you live in Fort Worth, Texas, or are looking to relocate to this beautiful city, The Stayton might be just what you’re seeking. Our dedicated care team, top-of-the-line services and enriching amenities are just some of the reasons residents love living here. In addition, we offer personalized care plans to ensure each of our resident’s unique needs are met. 

Contact us today to see what life could look like for you at The Stayton.

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