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Senior Friendships

Grow Your Inner Circle

The people you surround yourself with can have a huge impact on your life. The Stayton at Museum Way draws vibrant, sophisticated individuals with a range of interests, passions, and experiences. Making new friends can happen while you’re enjoying a meal, exercising, or exploring the outdoors. Community life offers ample opportunities to connect with others.

Senior Friendships

Find Your People

You know you’re in the presence of exceptional company when the days fly by because you’re having such a good time engaging in group activities and conversation with others. You’re reminded that friendships are the true gifts of life, and your social circle can grow even larger. At The Stayton, you have the opportunity to meet new people and form lasting bonds.

Mary Pencis

It has been a blessing to be here. To meet new friends at this stage in your life.

- Mary Pencis, The Stayton Resident

Senior Clubs And Classes

Share Your Passions

Making social connections while focusing on your career and supporting loved ones can be difficult. That is why social isolation becomes more common as we age. Community living is the perfect antidote to this.

Fill your calendar with activities organized across social clubs, enjoy group lectures and performances, or attend one of several recurring fitness classes each week. Starting your own interest-based club at The Stayton is another way to meet new people and build lasting friendships.

Dining Venues

Make Moments to Remember

Sharing a meal is an inherently social activity, one that enhances our sense of connectedness and belonging. Some of the greatest meals are the ones we enjoy with others. Discover the beauty of the connections you’ll make while dining with friends and neighbors each day.

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Community Activities

So Many Ways to Play All Day

Live a vibrant life with access to luxurious resort-style amenities and services. Attend a lecture in the Sundance Multipurpose Room or join some friends for a lively round of cards in one of our card and game rooms. Visit the on-site concierge and plan a group outing. You’ll have plenty of time to explore what interests you when you make The Stayton your home.

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Things To Do

Explore New Places Together

Adventures are better with friends. At The Stayton at Museum Way, you have the opportunity to join others for group day trips and excursions to Fort Worth, Arlington, and Dallas. Go on a museum tour, organize a shopping trip, or simply get out and walk the trails.

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