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Senior Living CCRC

Imagine a More Secure Future

You’ve put in the hard work to succeed in life, all while supporting the family and friends you care most about. Now is the time to celebrate your accomplishments and enjoy this exciting new chapter of your life. Guard against future uncertainties with Life Care, so you can live each day to its fullest.

What Is A Senior Living CCRC?

Plan Today for the Road Ahead

The Stayton at Museum Way is a Life Care community—a type of continuing care retirement community (CCRC)—that can help you prepare for those unexpected challenges in life. Life Care helps you plan today for your future care needs and ensures your care costs remain predictable.

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Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long ago.

- Warren Buffet, Businessman & Philanthropist

CCRCs and Senior Living

Having a Plan in Place is Truly Priceless

You’ve no doubt saved for retirement. And you’ve likely thought about what comes next. But it’s difficult to prepare for every situation that life can throw at you, especially when it comes to your potential evolving health needs. Life Care community residents benefit from the financial stability and peace of mind that come from knowing the costs of future care have been accounted for.

As an independent living resident with a Life Care plan, you’ll receive priority access to on-site assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, and rehabilitation support. In addition to these health services, residents can also continue to enjoy access to the community’s services, amenities, and activities. This helps ensure you remain in close proximity to the people you care about most, and that you won’t have to worry about needing to unexpectedly relocate somewhere else. Life Care helps keep you connected.

How It Works: Residents enter into a contract that includes an up-front entrance fee and monthly fee. How much you pay each month will be determined by the contract type you choose.

CCRC Benefits

The Benefits of Life Care at The Stayton

  • Priority access to higher levels of on-site care

  • Guaranteed access to higher levels of care for LIFE

  • One-time entrance fee (which may be partially refundable)

  • Predictable monthly fee

  • Access to services, amenities, activities, and scheduled transportation

  • Meals at our exclusive dining venues and restaurants

  • Total control of your future care needs today

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