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How to Talk to Your Parent About Moving to Independent Living

Wondering how to talk to your parents about moving to an independent senior living community? If your parents aren’t in the habit of sharing future plans with you, starting a conversation about this can be difficult. But if you approach it the right way, you can create a positive discussion that results in a successful goal: a future-forward plan that gives both you and your parents the comfort and stability of knowing that their future care needs are accounted for today.  

Research Senior Living Options First

Before you start discussing the future with your parents, you’ll want to research senior housing options and the benefits they can provide. An independent living community can free your parents from concerns related to home maintenance and household chores, reduce the need for cooking and grocery shopping, and ensure that there is always someone available to help them should they need assistance. Ask friends and family if they recommend a nearby community, and encourage them to share their experiences with your parents. 

Start the Conversation Early

It can be easy to put a discussion about the future on the backburner, but it’s better to start the conversation now instead of waiting until a catastrophic illness or injury brings this issue to the forefront. Many seniors wish they had moved to an independent living community sooner. 

Listen to Their Fears or Concerns

When talking about a transition to senior living, it’s natural for your parents to feel a little nervous. Take time to listen and understand what they may be fearful about. When you address your parents’ fears, they will be more open and relaxed about discussing retirement options. 

Focus on the Benefits

A successful discussion highlights the benefits of living in a senior community. Share with your parents the perks that come along with the big move. 

Tour an Independent Senior Living Community 

Touring an independent senior living community is one of the best ways to see what life is like there. Have your siblings or a trusted friend join you and your parents as well so you can have several opinions about the experience. During the tour, explore the services and amenities the community has to offer. Remember to bring a list of questions to ask team members. Take time to speak with residents, too. Ask them about their quality of life, what they enjoy about the community and how it has enhanced their lives.

Ask How You Can Support

Give your parents the space and time they need to review the options you discussed together. Ask them how you can support them in each stage of the process. Perhaps in the beginning stages they may not need as much help, but may require more support in later stages. For example, older children can be highly involved in the staging of a home for sale or in helping downsize items in their parents’ home.  

Explore Senior Independent Living Options at The Stayton

If you are in the research stage of your parents’ retirement planning, talk to the knowledgeable team at The Stayton. This elegant, high-rise senior living community in Fort Worth, Texas is a popular retirement choice for sophisticated seniors who want to live just steps away from the excitement of the city. Contact us or book a tour to learn more about life at The Stayton.

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