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Is High-Rise Senior Living Right for You?

When most of us think of senior living communities, we imagine 1- to 3-story buildings on a campus with other 1-to 3-story buildings. But that may be changing. High-rise senior living is becoming more and more popular as Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs seek to enter more urban markets or maximize the acreage they have available. But is high-rise senior living right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the unique benefits of spending your golden years several stories above the ground.

Living the high life

There’s a shift in thinking occurring in the senior living industry. Historically, community owners and operators assumed that seniors wouldn’t feel comfortable in a high-rise setting. As a result, multistory housing was rarely considered when planning for new buildings. In reality, the industry was making assumptions without asking residents. It turns out, many seniors enjoy, and even prefer, living higher up.

Faced with today’s land constraints and rising real estate costs, the need for higher-density developments is prompting the industry to consider communities with 7, 10, and even 12 stories. Such buildings can provide first-floor amenity space that serves the entire community while leveraging the city’s walkability and providing for greater connection to the surrounding community.

Senior man on a balcony overlooking the city

Benefits of high-rise senior living

But while some seniors may prefer a high-rise setting, are there perks that go beyond lifestyle preference resulting in real, tangible benefits? Indeed, there are.

1. Proximity to family

When seniors who have always lived in a dense, urban setting want to move to an independent living community or need to move to an assisted living facility, they often put distance between themselves and the rest of their family, since most communities need a significant amount of acreage for their campuses. By building up, communities can be located in cities close to friends and family.

2. Closeness to entertainment and attractions 

Many senior living communities are tucked away in rural or suburban settings often accessible only by car. But high-rise senior living communities in urban settings can be located right in the heart of a city or town, with easy access to local restaurants, entertainment and attractions. Many seniors who aren’t willing to give up an active lifestyle gravitate toward urban high-rises featuring nearby neighbors and a bustling city life.

3. A better environment

By living higher up, residents enjoy cleaner air and a quieter environment due to the distance from the noise and exhaust of street-level traffic and parking garages. High-rises set back from the street or surrounded by open green spaces only increase this benefit.

Senior man overlooking the city on a balcony

4. Stunning views

It’s no secret that the higher up you go, the better the view. Why else do CEOs and celebrities prefer penthouse offices and apartments? In a high-rise senior living community, you can enjoy horizon-laden vistas, more natural light, and increased privacy by living higher up.

Exterior of The Stayton senior living community

Deep in the Heart of Fort Worth

If high-rise senior living is appealing to you, maybe it’s time to learn more about The Stayton at Museum way. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to be contacted by one of our helpful sales counselors.

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