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The Walkability of Downtown Fort Worth

Fort Worth has always been a city full of culture, history and community connection, with a range of interesting and entertaining areas to explore. From the Cultural District to downtown Fort Worth, this gorgeous city is easy to navigate and travel through – and there is plenty to see. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the walkability score of Fort Worth and how easy it is to explore the various neighborhoods surrounding The Stayton. There are several prime areas to enjoy Fort Worth’s walkability, but let’s first talk about how walkability is actually defined.

What is a Walkability Score?

The walkability score, or Walk Score, is a method of evaluating how walkable a city is on a scale from 0 to 100, as determined by the Walk Score Advisory Board composed of urban planners and population researchers. The Walk Score system measures how easy it is to walk to and from any given address; they do this by analyzing hundreds of walking routes to nearby amenities, as well as pedestrian friendliness, population density and road metrics. A city’s score is based on seven distinct factors:

  • A center: Walkable neighborhoods have a defined central point, whether it’s a main street or a public space.
  • People: Population density is large enough for businesses to flourish and for public transit to run frequently.
  • Mixed income, mixed use: Affordable housing is located near businesses.
  • Parks and public space: The neighborhood offers plenty of public places to gather and play.
  • Pedestrian design: Buildings are close to the street; parking lots are relegated to the back.
  • Schools and workplaces: Daily commutes are easy. Residents can walk from home to work and schools.
  • Complete streets: Streets are designed for bicyclists, pedestrian-crossing and transit.

Communities with a walkability score of 90 to 100 are labeled a “walkers’ paradise” – neighborhoods where residents can complete daily errands on foot and don’t need cars. Scores from 0 to 24 mean residents must rely on a car for the same activities.

Fort Worth Walkability

Fort Worth ranks 41st of the most walkable large cities in America, with a walkability score of 34. While the total Fort Worth walkability score may seem low, when you look at the city’s individual neighborhoods, you’ll see it truly is one of the more walkable cities in Texas. In fact, many neighborhoods have a walkability score in the 70 to 89 range. And five of the six highest- scoring neighborhoods are steps from The Stayton.

Bluebonnet Place

With a Walk Score of 82, Bluebonnet Place ranks number one in Fort Worth walkability. This charming neighborhood is dotted with venues  along West Berry Street, including Chinese restaurants, grocery stores, quaint coffee shops and smoothie stops.

Cultural District

The tree-lined street of Fort Worth’s Cultural District is perhaps the most culturally and aesthetically attractive neighborhood in the city. With a Walk Score of 77, it’s also one of the most easily accessible parts of Fort Worth. It’s also the neighborhood The Stayton is proud to call home. Residents regularly enjoy walking to the many historic and art exhibitions held at the Modern Museum of Art of Fort Worth, Kimbell Art Museum, Amon Carter Museum of American Art, and more. For an evening on the town, there’s no better place than Sundance Square transported via Molly the Trolley. And for a delightful afternoon walk, Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and Water Gardens provide a serene setting in the center of the Cultural District – just outside of The Stayton’s front door.


The Linwood neighborhood is yet another highly walkable Fort Worth area, with a Walk Score of 77. Just north of the Cultural District, Linwood features numerous shopping and dining attractions within Montgomery Plaza, as well as Jesse D. Sandoval Park for a nice, peaceful respite.

Downtown Fort Worth

Downtown Fort Worth earns a 76 Walk Score and boasts a multitude of cultural and lifestyle attractions. Sundance Square alone houses restaurants, bars, shopping and entertainment venues, to say nothing of the Trinity River trails, Burnett Park, Hyde Park and much more. There are plenty of things to do in downtown Fort Worth, all just a one-and-a-half-mile walk from The Stayton.

Bluebonnet Hills

Bluebonnet Hills is another high-ranking neighborhood for Fort Worth walkability, with a 73 Walk Score. Directly southwest of Bluebonnet Place, this is a historic neighborhood dating back to 1930, filled with Tudor-style cottage homes and easily accessible amenities.

Find Your Place in Fort Worth

If you’re the kind of active, curious person who prefers exploring all a city has to offer, The Stayton is the perfect location for you. With areas like the Cultural District across the street and downtown just a few miles away, there are plenty of opportunities to walk Fort Worth and see it all for yourself. Regardless of your lifestyle, The Stayton offers care to suit every individual need – including independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation – resulting in an unparalleled combination of convenience, sophistication, quality and comfort that bring out the best in each day. Fill out the form below to contact us today.

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