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The Benefits of Seniors Staying Connected with Technology

Smartphones, desktop computers, and tablets are popular digital devices that many people use today to stay connected to the outside world. This technology can help you foster new friendships and stay in touch with your loved ones which, in turn, enhance your health and well-being. Learn all about the exciting ways that seniors are using technology to improve their social lives.

Explore New Ways To Connect

Today’s technology puts you just a click away from instant connection. Let’s explore some popular ways you can connect with others online.

Join Social Networks

Online forums and social media platforms are popular ways to make new friends and keep in touch with loved ones. There are various online forums dedicated to seniors, making it easy to find like-minded peers who are in a similar life stage. Social media-wise, Facebook is a popular social networking platform amongst seniors. Along with creating statuses and photo albums on your online profile, you can also stay in the loop on what everyone on your friends list is doing. There are also various local and international groups you can join that center around different interests—pickleball, yoga, animals, shopping, gardening—and more!

Schedule Time to Chat With Loved Ones 

Our phones give us an easy way to make time in our busy schedules to catch up with our loved ones. Whether you prefer video calls, phone calls, or texting, you can use any or all of these methods to keep in touch. In addition to talking, you can even do activities together. Call your family while you’re out for your morning walk or as you’re sipping your afternoon tea. Schedule a video call with your younger grandchildren and plan an activity that you can do over the phone—like playing a game, watching a movie, or cooking a new recipe. Send your loved ones a text to let them know you’re thinking of them or share a photo of something you think they would like. There are vast ways you can build important relationships over the phone.

Play Online Video Games

Games from various eras have been adopted into the digital world. Play one of the classics such as chess, checkers, scrabble, or mahjong. Animal Crossing and Words With Friends are some newer games that are quite interactive and entertaining, too. You can play many of these with real opponents — whether they be your friends and family or someone you don’t know online. 

Expand Your Mind

Retirement doesn’t mean you have to quit learning, exploring, and working — in fact, now is the time to pursue what you’re passionate about. There are plenty of nonprofits and companies looking to fill remote positions. Find a cause you’re passionate about or a field you have experience in, and apply for a position that sounds exciting. 

If you want to pick up a new hobby or learn something new, there are various websites, applications, and platforms that allow you to do so. Take a class online through a local college or digitally-based organization. Join an online book club. Learn a new language. Join a guided exercise class. Schedule a happy hour or virtual lunch via video chat. Get a group together to watch tutorials to learn a new skill, like knitting, painting, crafting, and more. 

Make New Connections at The Stayton

Connecting with others is critical for our emotional health. That’s what community living is all about. At The Stayton, a senior living community in Fort Worth, Texas, you can meet like-minded adults, invite guests to join you for a meal at one of our delicious dining venues, join a friend at an aerobics class, or plan a puppy play date at the pet park. The options for connection are endless. 

Contact us today to discover what living fully can look like for you at The Stayton.

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