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How to Choose a Floor Plan that Fits Your Lifestyle

As you move into the next chapter of your life, you may also be moving into a new home. And chances are, the things you’re looking for in this home are different than your last. You need a home that can accommodate your needs and lifestyle as you age. Whether you’re looking at house, condo or senior apartment floor plans, we’ll cover the most important considerations in how to choose a floor plan that’s right for you.

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What Is Your Current Home Missing?

Consider how your current home is laid out. Does it have two floors? An upstairs and a basement? Where is your bedroom located? Are your bathrooms and laundry area easily accessible? Objectively assessing how easy your current home is to move around in and complete daily tasks will help you know what to look for in an apartment or house. For many people, narrow hallways, stairs, tall cabinets, or overly spacious living spaces become difficult to navigate. Not to mention the time, energy and money it takes to maintain a house with rooms you rarely use.

Here’s a great way to clarify the elements of a floor plan that will help you live more independently. While going through your regular daily activities, make a wish list of the things you’d like in a new home and a list of the challenging, unused or unwanted areas in your current home. This can give you a solid reference point as you research floor plans for senior homes.

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What Is Most Important to Look for in Senior Living Floor Plans?

  • Lifestyle
    When researching senior living floor plans, you want your new home to complement your lifestyle. If you have a green thumb, does the floor plan have a balcony or patio? If your grandkids are close, is there a room that can double as a guest room? For the hobbyists, is there a den with space to craft and tinker? You’ll know a floor plan is right for you if the things you’re passionate about fit right in.
  • Space
    Many seniors move into a new apartment or smaller home for the purpose of downsizing. While it can be helpful to declutter your home and life, it’s still important to make sure your new home has enough space to continue living the lifestyle you enjoy as well as ample storage space for your possessions. Is the kitchen big enough to accommodate your love of cooking and entertaining? Is there room for your piano or the heirloom dining room set you inherited from your grandmother? Is there plenty of laundry room, kitchen and closet storage?
  • Comfort
    As important as functionality and space are in considering how to choose a floor plan, you want your new place to feel like home. Are the rooms set up to accommodate the furniture and artwork you want to move to your new home? Do the windows face into or away from morning light? Are the kitchen and laundry room cabinets easy to reach? Some of these elements may seem trivial now, but it’s important to be forward thinking about your future health and mobility needs. Think five to 10 years in the future when considering how accessible a floor plan is.

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Community Features

While you’re researching senior living floor plans, also consider senior living amenities. Living in a senior community adds a wide array of benefits and heightens your experience in a new apartment or house. In these kinds of communities, your fellow neighbors are usually like-minded people who value their independence and actively seek a full, engaging life in their retirement years. They commonly feature premier amenities such as pools, fitness centers, libraries, game rooms, clubs for various hobbies and so much more. Some communities like The Stayton are located in vibrant, culturally rich neighborhoods with excellent restaurants, art exhibits, museums and many other attractions to explore. Senior living communities also usually have several dining venues with chef-prepared meals. Plus, in Life Care communities with a full continuum of care, you can receive additional levels of care in your own home or easily move to another home in the same community if your health needs ever change.

Exterior view of The Stayton, a senior living community in Fort Worth

Find Your Perfect Floor Plan at The Stayton

If you want to continue your active, independent lifestyle, the luxury apartment floor plans at The Stayton are the perfect fit for you. Here you’ll find the engaging amenities you prefer, surrounded by neighbors who, just like you, want to live life to the fullest. Get a glimpse of our beautiful apartments and amenities now in our photo gallery.

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