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How The Stayton Pays Respect to Our Veterans

Our veterans put their lives on the line to make sure our country remains safe and free, and so every year on Veterans Day our community makes sure our veterans know how much we appreciate them. In this article, we’ll talk about how the residents and team members of The Stayton celebrate our veterans, as well as any planned Veterans Day events in the surrounding area that will be honoring veterans for their service.

How Our Community Honors Our Veterans

Every year before Veterans Day, we erect a large display in our main lobby to showcase various memorabilia from our resident veterans and their spouses.

We encourage our resident veterans, or residents with a loved one who is or was a veteran, to bring in newspaper clippings, uniform pieces, awards, medals and other mementos. We then sit with them and learn more about their time in the service, and write up a small paragraph about the items they brought to us before having them framed. By the time the week of Veterans Day has arrived, our lobby is practically a museum. Residents, their families and friends, and even our team members gather around to read the amazing stories of our veterans.

It requires a great deal of work and responsibility to organize a display like this, and the reaction from our community makes it all worth it.. We’ve even had multiple Purple Hearts together on display at one point. It’s truly a special moment to be able to read what our veterans went through and understand how much they sacrificed to keep us safe at home.

Veterans Day Events Around Fort Worth, TX

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are not as many events as there would be during more normal times within the greater community of Fort Worth. However, there are still a handful of celebrations for Veterans Day taking place in the area this year.

Most notably, the Tarrant County Veterans Council is holding its 102nd Veterans Day parade. This event will host hundreds of veterans groups, as well as civic and business organizations taking part in saluting our veterans. Additionally, the parade will also honor the first responders across Texas who are doing their best to keep us safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. The event is open to the public so that everyone has an opportunity to honor our veterans and first responders.

The Community at The Stayton

Here at The Stayton, our community honors and respects our veterans. It’s a reflection of a community-wide belief that everyone deserves to be surrounded with love and support. That culture of compassion and understanding is what sets The Stayton apart.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or fill out the form below to learn more information about our community. Whether or not The Stayton is the right choice for you, we’d like to end by once more thanking our veterans for the courage and bravery they’ve shown over their service, and for the sacrifices they’ve all made to keep our nation safe and free.

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